Driving manager effectiveness in creating more engaged teams


MAY 24, 2023 / 3:00 PM IST


Throughout the employee journey; from onboarding to exit – there are a myriad of experiences that impact outcomes such as engagement, productivity, well-being and retention. Your managers play a pivotal role in the employee experience and influence almost every key driver of employee engagement. In an ever-evolving world of work where employees are expected to do more with less, how can HR empower managers to proactively intervene with data-driven decisions in the moments that matter?

In this session, Lauren Huntington, Head of Solution Strategy, Asia, will share practical tools, local research and frameworks that organisations in the region can leverage to empower managers to close experience gaps by acting on employee experience insights at scale. Lauren will also deep dive into how to support your leadership teams in striving to deliver higher levels of team engagement and better relationships between an employee and manager.

Tune in to learn…

  • What the 2023 Employee Experience Trends are that every HR leader in India needs to know
  • How to scale EX impact and drive results by empowering your managers and employees
  • Ways to future-proof your EX program to efficiently get the insights that matter most when measuring the full employee experience
  • How Qualtrics’ EX25 Methodology connects engagement & manager effectiveness
  • Live demonstration: Discover a purpose-built workspace for managers, people analytics and senior leaders to understand team sentiment, and intervene in the moments that matter to increase productivity and unwanted attrition.