Success Stories


Client: Construction Major

SAP S/4HANA End to End Implementation


  • Tracking of Budget and Actual spending on Project cost and Overheads
  • Rate Analysis – Managed in excel before SAP implementation which was laborious work
  • integrated Procurement Process for materials and Labours
  • Customer Outstanding Report


  • Implemented detailed budgeting process for every Plant, Project and WBS element
  • Actual postings of Materials and Labour tracked against WBS element to get Actual against Budget
  • Activated Cost Planning process to capture Material and Labour Rate Analysis
  • Seamless integration between cost planning, budget and procurement
  • Developed Approval process for Budgeting over and above of standard process
  • Implementation of Payment Schedule Updation, Customer Collection process, Generate Demand Notes to help in generating customer due statement
  • Implemented Unit Availability Bird Eye View

Benefits Delivered

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Visibility of overall project cost and tracking actual against budget

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Seamless integration of procurement process helps in minimize manual work and have more control on purchase cost

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Projection of Cash Flow

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Run time customer outstanding report

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Detail Project Availability status

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Project income and expenses statement